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Ireland’s Future to publish its fourth discussion document

Ireland’s Future is excited to announce the launch of our discussion document “Rights, Citizenship and Identity in a United Ireland”.

The fourth such publication from Ireland’s Future, this document explores these critical issues in the context of our transitional society, the unique sets of rights and obligations that prevail and the changing constitutional environment.

This discussion document is intended to add to the ever-growing conversations on a United Ireland, aiming to inform and foster those conversations.

Speaking in advance of the launch Ireland’s Future CEO Gerry Carlile said:

“We recognise the need to ensure the values and principles that inform the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement are respected. This document is a contribution to a creative and imaginative debate about a new and united Ireland, and acknowledges the vital guarantees that must be respected.

“Underpinning our approach is the desire to achieve a new and united Ireland, that is a substantively better place for everyone who shares the island in the future.

“That will simply not happen if matters of human rights, equality, identity and citizenship are neglected in this preparatory phase. This paper is a contribution to that discussion.”

This online launch will take place on Wednesday 20th October 2021, at 7pm.

The panel will be Professor Colin Harvey and Trevor Lunn MLA and the chairperson will be Reverend Karen Sutheraman.

The launch will be broadcast on the Ireland’s Future social media channels and the discussion document will be available in the publications section of our website from midday on Wednesday 20th October.

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