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About Us


Ireland’s Future was established to advocate for, and promote, debate and discussion about Ireland’s future, including the possibility and viability of new constitutional arrangements on the Island.

We are guided by the values of the Good Friday Agreement and dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights, equality and fostering mutual respect between all views and traditions that share this island.

Brexit has dramatically changed the social and political dynamic on this island. The prospect of a new constitutional arrangement on the island of Ireland is growing.

We believe that new constitutional arrangements have the potential to mitigate the most negative impacts of Brexit and address the aforementioned promotion and protection of human rights, equality and the fostering of mutual respect.

We are not a political party and are not affiliated to any political party. We welcome participation from people from all political persuasions interested in furthering the goals of Ireland’s Future.

Ireland’s Future also notes that any move to new constitutional arrangements requires serious thought, consideration and planning. We believe that the requisite planning for these potential changes must be broad, inclusive, detailed and comprehensive.

Constitutional change must be on the basis of the consent of citizens of the island of Ireland, as informed by the Good Friday Agreement.