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Ireland’s Future welcomes Reverend Karen Sethuraman

We are pleased to announce that Reverend Karen Sethuraman has agreed to become a member of Ireland’s Future.

Reverend Sethuraman is the first female Baptist Minister on the island of Ireland.

She is currently a Pastor of a peace and reconciliation hub based in Belfast.

As a champion of social justice, Reverend Sethuraman feels particularly called to minister outside the church walls.

Reverend Sethuraman is a former Chaplain to two Belfast Lord Mayors.

Reverend Sethuraman will join the Events Group within Ireland’s Future.

Commenting today she said:

“I am delighted to join Ireland’s Future. I am looking forward to playing my part in the growing and vibrant conversations that are currently taking place in all four corners of our island.

We need a constructive debate across the island to establish the best way forward for all. I would like to positively contribute to that debate.

I would also like to take this opportunity to appeal to the Irish Government to convene an all island Citizens’ Assembly as a matter of urgency. There are many questions that remain unanswered and I hope the Government will play its part by planning and preparing for the time ahead.”

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